Australind filthy over dirty water

ERIENNE LETTESouth Western Times

The Water Corporation is investigating why thousands of South West residents are being supplied dirty water.

Over the past week the corporation has had a spike in complaints from Australind residents who have turned on their taps to find brown water.

The corporation said the colour was caused by natural sediments of iron and manganese stirred up in the water main by a sudden change in the speed or direction of the water flow.

The problem has been a continuous issue in the area, with many residents reporting the dirty water coming out of their taps for several years.

Michelle Robins said that for the past eight years that she has lived in Kingston there there had been problems with the water.

Mrs Robins said it had become worse this year and her water was brown about once a fortnight.

‘‘We’re in a first world country, not a third world country,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s not good enough.’’

Since moving into her home, Mrs Robins has gone through countless filters which are destroyed by the brown sediment in the water.

‘‘Even when the water appears clear I know it’s not because my filter is so disgusting,’’ she said.

‘‘ It’s an added expense that I shouldn’t have to bear.’’

Resident Charmaine New told the South Western Times that when she had complained about the water to the Water Corporation she was told to run her outside hoses for two minutes and her inside taps for 30 seconds each.

‘‘It’s a massive loss of water and money,’’ she said.

Water Corporation regional business manager Scott Moorhead said they had been ‘‘made aware’’ of the dirty water.

‘‘We apologise for the inconvenience and assure customers that the discolouration is not harmful to their health,’’ he said.

‘‘The treatment and conveyance system appear to be operating as normal.

‘‘However we will continue investigations to determine what caused it (the discolouration).’’

Mr Moorhead has urged residents who have dirty water to contact the 24-hour line so they can collect data about where it is happening.

He said the corporation could also provide products to remove stains from laundry.

The faults and emergencies line is 131 375.

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