Courageous monks are set to captivate

JORDAN McARDLESouth Western Times

The breathtaking Shaolin Kung Fu performers are coming to Bunbury for a show not be missed.

These dedicated performers have been travelling around Australia, captivating audiences with their unique skills and acrobatics.

Shaolin Kung Fu producer Hao Zhou has hand-picked some of the most talented and dedicated Shaolin fighting monks in China.

‘‘All of the Shaolin Kung Fu performers have been practicing roman early age, some of them were as young as 10 when they started,’’ Zhou said.

‘‘They are certainly unique performers, one of the guys in the show even holds the world record for the most acrobatics in one minute.’’

Kung fu has a rich history dating back more than 1500 years and performers hold a reputation throughout China as being honorable, courageous and highly skilled.

Zhou said the performers put in a countless numberof hours to prepare for their captivating shows which were a combination of styles from weaponry using rods, three section staffs, fighting fans, lungchuans, knives and spears to choreographed animal inspired fight scenes and meditative reflections.

Hours of practice in the morning and early afternoon is followed by rest before each show.

‘‘It’s more than a full-time job,’’he said.

‘‘It’s one of those things where you live your life through what you do, because it’s so difficult it takes more than eight hours a day to practice.’’

Zhou has brought a numberof shows to Bunbury but is looking forward to bringing Shaolin Kung Fu to the South West for the first time.

‘‘I’ve been to Bunbury many times with various different shows,’’ he said.

‘‘My Chinese and Australian performers in the past have enjoyed coming to Bunbury.’’

Zhou promised the audience would get an‘‘unforgettable’’ show.

‘‘You might like ita nd yo umight not but you definitely won’t forget it,’’ he said.

Shaolin Kung Fu are in town this Saturday evening for a performance at Bunbur yRegional Entertainment Centre.

The show starts at 8pm.

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