Kitten comes in from the cold

South Western Times

A kitten may be down to eight lives after being stuck in a wall for more than a week, but she has come out of her ordeal in good health.

Lovingly dubbed Indi by Indiana Surf staff, the five or six week-old female kitten was rescued by firefighters after nine days stuck in a wall of the business.

Indi was rescued from her “cell” on Monday morning and was taken to the vet to be checked out.

Despite nine days in darkness, Indi has come out of her ordeal only dehydrated and slightly calcium deficient.

Shop owner Amanda Morris said she was stunned Indi had made it out as healthy as she had.

“We thought she was going to be trapped in there forever because each time the firefighters looked, she stopped meowing,” she said.

“They found her on Monday because she wouldn’t stop meowing.”

The original call to firefighters nine days before came from someone passing by the store about midnight.

Bunbury Career Fire and Rescue Service station officer Andy Wright said firefighters followed up the best they could the next day but Indi went quiet.

“The owner’s children heard the cat on Monday morning and called us,” he said.

“It took about 90 minutes to get her out once she was located.”

It is thought Indi — a feral cat — fell through the roof into her predicament. Indi’s story comes with a happy ending, for this once homeless kitten has found a home with one of the business’ employees.

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