Album gem comes out of line-up madness

Emily AceSouth Western Times
Metal-heads will delight in King Zog’s free LP launch gig at the Prince of Wales hotel tonight.
Camera IconMetal-heads will delight in King Zog’s free LP launch gig at the Prince of Wales hotel tonight.

A volcanic apocalypse of deep, heavy fuzz will erupt at the Prince of Wales Hotel tonight as King Zog release their long-awaited self titled debut LP.

After simmering away for four years, the doom-metal band is serving up what is described as a “sincere offering to the gods of metal”, pressed on vinyl.

The Perth-based band has a Bunbury connection in lead vocalist and founding member Dan Durack, who played his first gig at the Prince of Wales in his 20s.

For King Zog, personnel changes caused set-back after set-back, before finally creating the perfect chemistry with the current line-up.

“It was a huge relief to finally release the music after so many line-up changes,” Durack said.

“Finally being able to get in the studio was the problem we had.

“We would be just about ready to record and then we would find one of the band members would have a meltdown and we would have to find someone else and start from square one again.”

The band was born from Durack’s longing to write and perform heavier music than that of his other band Tenderhooks, who are a straight rock‘n’roll outfit. Together with King Zog lead guitarist Vince Radice, the duo wrote the entire LP in 2013 and built the band around their creation.

“We write really well together, we have a lot of different riffs floating around and are able to piece it together,” Durack said.

“It took us ages to build a band around us and the songs.”

Durack writes music for both bands and knows immediately which side of the spectrum a new piece will fall on.

“With Tenderhooks, they are fairly personal, sappy songs, but with King Zog you can really branch out and write about all the nasty topics heavy metal seems to revel in,” he said.

“Ultimately you are trying to come up with things which are really kind of thuggish but mesmerising.

“But you can also be catchy – we are not afraid of catchy.”

Drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Black Sabbath and Pentagram, King Zog have created a sound which is “heavy, but palatable”.

“I’m not screaming my head off all the time,” he said.

“It’s pretty damn heavy, catchy in parts and psychedelic – that’s the mesmerising part. We try and make it hypnotic in some places and just let the music do the talking ultimately.”

“We have been accused of being brutally loud, but will find point where people can enjoy it without it tearing their faces off.”

The free show will be a metal-head’s dream, with local bands WitchCliff, Purple Urchin and Stone Lotus joining the madness.

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