Bailey’s following in mum’s wake

Emily AceSouth Western Times

Year 12 Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School student Bailey Taylor will follow in his mother’s footsteps as he prepares to embark on a week-long voyage aboard the STS Leeuwin II in December.

The Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation will offer two week-long voyages – the “Career Challenge” for TAFE and university students from December 8 to 14 and the “Youth Explorer” for 14 to 25 year-olds from December 18 to 24.

Although Bailey is a keen kite-surfer, it will be his first time aboard a ship of this scale.

“My mum went on it when she was younger and told me only good things – its not like anything I have done before,” he said.

“I think the best part for me will be meeting new people.”

Bailey said the voyage, which takes place at the end of the school year, would be a good way of finishing his schooling days before sailing into a new chapter of his life.

Bailey’s mother Caroline Gibbney was a watch leader volunteer on the ship and was eager to see her son take part after experiencing it first hand.

“The first time I went on the ship was at his age, but then they asked me back on as a volunteer,” she said.

“It’s a life experience you don’t forget, so I was very keen for him to do it.”

Bunbury resident Elsemieke Marren, 19, boarded her first voyage in the latter half of 2016 and after six months in the Leeuwin program has begun her studies at Notre Dame university.

Miss Marren said the voyage taught her valuable life skills.

“There is no way I could talk about all the experiences I had on the ship, however some of the main highlights were learning how to sail the ship, from setting the sails to taking the helm,” she said.

“I learnt how to get along and work with large groups of people, how to meet new people, interact with authority and how important patience is.”

Youth in the South West aged 14 to 25 are now eligible for the Woodside Marine Career Scholarships worth $1500 to pay for part of the voyage fee. Bookings are now available at

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