Bunbury on track for average winter rain

Ailish DelaneySouth Western Times

With the end of winter fast approaching, Bunbury is on track for average rainfall this season.

From the beginning of June to yesterday, Bunbury has received 316.6mm of rainfall, with the city’s wettest winter day so far taking place on June 11 with a lashing of 38.2mm.

Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Luke Huntington said Bunbury was travelling well to hit the average rainfall for winter.

“Bunbury normally gets 397mm over winter, so you’re well on the way to getting the average,” Mr Huntington said.

“There is a strong cold front coming through over the weekend, so that will boost up the totals and I’m sure you’ll get another 20 to 30mm by the end of the weekend with that and then who knows what happens after that.

I’m sure we’ll get more fronts for the remainder of the month so it does look like Bunbury will be close to the average — whether you go over or just under, it does look like you’ll be fairly close.

In June, Bunbury recorded above-average rainfall, collecting 152.2mm, 15.3mm above the 25-year average, while in July rainfall was 11.1mm below the 25-year average at 129mm.

The highest daily rainfall total in August so far was on Monday when Bunbury was hit with 20.8mm of rain.

Bunbury was running around half a degree above average in terms of temperature for winter, Mr Huntington said.

Most of Australia is likely in for warmer than average nights for the remainder of winter, but the South West has roughly equal chances of warmer or cooler than average nights.

The South West is in store for more showers this weekend as a cold front moves over the west coast, with a thunderstorm likely on Saturday afternoon and evening and carrying on to Sunday.

There is a high chance of showers Monday morning, but they are expected to ease throughout the day, with a shower or two likely on Tuesday.

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