Christmas appeal gets off to flying start

South Western Times

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar school has given the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal a running start after it hosted a competition to collect donations for families in need.

The school had a 5kg box of favourites to offer the school home group that collected the most goods best tailored to the Salvation Army’s needs.

While it was a close contest, Wilson 4 was the victorious group, but the real winner was the Salvation Army and the struggling families they are aiming to support this festive season.

Lt Harriet Farquhar said she was “so thankful” for the solid start and hoped it would inspire others in the community to give this Christmas.

“We walked down and it was like ‘oh wow’,” she said.

“It’s an example of how good the community is at supporting us, we are very chuffed.

“If the rest of the appeal runs out like this, then we will be able to deliver what we have promised.”

Lt Farquhar said it was great to see the students’ enthusiasm for helping others.

Year 11 student Grace de Chaneet, who was a member of the winning group, said it was good to “give back”.

“I am so grateful to have the things that I have and to be able to celebrate Christmas time with my family and enjoy it to the maximum,” she said.

“So it’s nice to give back to people who aren’t so much the same so they can enjoy Christmas.”

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