Countdown to the Capel Shire Council election

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Eight candidates will battle it out for just four places on the Capel Shire Council this election, with voting to close on Saturday at 6pm. Emily Aceasked each candidate three questions:

What motivated you to run for council?

What will be your main priorities if you are elected?

Why should Capel vote for you?

Here are the responses as drawn on the ballot:

Murray Scott

1. I still have the passion to run – I am passionate about my local government and what has happened over the years and what’s going to happen in the next few years which is why I have put my hand up again.

2. I believe the shire must continue to be focussed on sustainable planning, development, infrastructure and most importantly, viability with a strategic long term financial plan to improve and keep up with the growth and needs of our communities.

3. You stand for what you are and what you have done – people know my track record which stands for itself. I am more than obliging to have my office door open to anyone who wants to come and have a yarn.

Douglas Kitchen

1. Having lived in the Shire of Capel my entire life, being a member of various community organisations and being a volunteer bush firefighter has made me passionate and proud of the area I live – making me want to contribute even further to its future.

2. My main priorities are quality community consultation, more funding for our local roads, assisting local community groups and to assist local business.

3. I ask for the people of this shire’s support because I will bring an energetic, diverse and youthful perspective to council to help grow our community. I will listen to all concerns and dedicate myself to the service of this shire.

Michael Southwell

1. As a former political reporter, I have a keen interest in public affairs and as a family man I have a vested interest in being part of a progressive and thriving community.

2. To ensure council adequately considers the needs and views of residents in the north of the shire, specifically Gelorup, Dalyellup and Stratham. We need more basic infrastructure like footpaths and better community facilities, but have been neglected in these areas.

3. I am committed to providing proper scrutiny of council spending and activities, putting forward some new ideas and ensuring open, two-way communication with ratepayers and residents.

Debbie Radisich

1. I have decided to run for council because I have the time and passion to listen to people and believe that a fresh new female voice will be an asset for the residents of the Capel shire.

2. My main priorities will be to encourage the development of infrastructure, to keep up with our rapidly growing area. I am also passionate about our beautiful environment and maintaining the natural flora and fauna that we have in our shire. I believe harmony between the rural and urban elements of our community is key to the wellbeing of residents.

3. A vote for Debbie Radisich will bring a new voice into the council, with fresh ideas and strong communication skills.

Norm Hoskin

1. I have been involved with sporting and community groups for most of my life and wanted to have a higher level of community involvement.

2. My main priorities will becouncil budgets and increased community facilities near population bases. Though I am interested in maintaining and creating facilities for youth, seniors and sport in Capel, I have a broad-minded approach to all council affairs and the requirements of both groups and individuals within the Shire of Capel.

3. Being retired from the workforce, I have the time, experience and passion for the job and I am committed to represent all Capel residents.

Greg Norton

1. I have been a shire councillor for 16 years already, so I am keen to keep on for one more term. There has been reasonable work done over the period I have been a councillor and I would like to continue it on.

2. I am keen to get more going on in the shire to help with jobs, so helping local businesses with tourism projects to increase small business activity in general. In the long term, I want to see rates come back down to a more palatable level.

3. I have a good amount of experience in the shire. I am a farmer, so I really concentrate on the issues affecting the whole shire. I would try increase the liveability in all the towns in an even, fair and equitable manner.

Brian Hastie

1. High rate charges is only one aspect of my motivation for running for council. The key issues are speeding, hooning, traffic congestion, pedestrian crossings, parking, footpaths, funding for sporting organisations and a reduction in rates.

2. Low rates and charges is a core principle I believe in. Unnecessary expenditure needs to be found so we can put downward pressure on rates by consulting with ratepayers before commencing on costly projects.

3. I believe the residents need a councillor to represent them who can work with the shire president, other councillors, council staff and residents to move the area forward.

Brian Smith

1. I enjoy helping people and working with communities and I have always had an interest in public service and local politics.

2. My main policies are to develop a successful community that empowers itself, like setting up progress associations to engage communities so they can give us information as councillors about what their needs are. My key points are the development of the Dalyellup Beach Surf Life Saving Club and creating a cycle path from Dalyellup through to Busselton.

3. I enjoy working with a team of councillors and I’m supportive of ratepayers. I enjoy working with the community and don’t have any vested interests.

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