Decision on rates deferred

Callum HunterSouth Western Times

The Capel Shire Council was expected to vote in favour of a 4 per cent rates increase for the next financial year but instead voted against the recommendation.

The vote was lost 5-4 against, with councillors Douglas Kitchen and Brian Hearne two of the most vocal against the increase, one suggesting an alternative, lower figure and the other requesting more information.

Standing orders were lifted for the debate where Cr Kitchen proposed a reduced rate of 3 per cent and a halving of the councillor allowance next financial year.

Cr Kitchen said the 50 per cent cut in councillor allowances would instantly generate an extra $60,000 to be used to cover the shortfall of the 3 per cent increase.

The decision has forced a special council meeting at a yet to be specified date, purely to workshop and settle on an increase figure.

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