Fake fines notices target information

Emily AceSouth Western Times

Consumer protection is urging people to be wary of fake infringement notices targeting the South West region with the aim of accessing victims’ sensitive information.

Scammers are sending fake parking infringements and red light camera violation notices to email recipients requesting a payment be made through a website link.

South West regional coordinator Annetta Bellingeri said while the scam was common, this particular incarnation appeared to be centred around the Bunbury region and the Bunbury City Council.

“What you need to be aware of is the Bunbury City Council won’t be sending you infringements by email – they will likely be sending them to you in the mail or they will be stuck on your car,” she said.

“But also what they will be giving you is a lot more information about you and your vehicle; the day and time of the offence, photos from the camera and that sort of thing might be applicable as well.

“This is very generic and sent out to a lot of different people.”

Miss Bellingeri said clicking on the link was fraught with danger.

“You could be installing malware or spyware onto your computer and they can then log your keystrokes and access your information, particularly sensitive things like your bank account,” she said.

“The other thing that may happen is you are tricked into paying the fine, so you are providing credit card details, maybe providing personal details, as well as financial information directly to the scammers.”

Anyone who receives this email should not respond to the sender, delete the email immediately and report the incident to consumer protection.

More information is available at www.scamnet.wa.gov.au.

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