Gallery: Eaton College Ball

South Western Times

Eaton Community College students dressed and looked the part for their annual school ball on February 23.

Held at the Hotel Lord Forrest with a Hollywood theme, students and teachers enjoyed a buffet meal and danced the night away.

Montoia McIntosh was crowned Belle of the Ball while Walker Smith was named Beau of the Ball.

More pictures from the evening:

Shelby Lines and Shaye Bernhardt.
Camera IconShelby Lines and Shaye Bernhardt.
Abigail Dodd and Alyssa Asplin.
Camera IconAbigail Dodd and Alyssa Asplin. Credit: Michael Philipps
Breana Ponta and Cameron Jude.
Camera IconBreana Ponta and Cameron Jude. Credit: Michael Philipps
Ciriel Lozano, Bradley Wake and Adam Demarti.
Camera IconCiriel Lozano, Bradley Wake and Adam Demarti. Credit: Michael Philipps
Lili Everett and Bailey Shepherd.
Camera IconLili Everett and Bailey Shepherd. Credit: Michael Philipps
Warrick Hinds and Shelby Neilson.
Camera IconWarrick Hinds and Shelby Neilson. Credit: Michael Philipps
Amira Sudhi and Connor Black.
Camera IconAmira Sudhi and Connor Black. Credit: Michael Philipps
Dakota Rassip and Kasey Joy.
Camera IconDakota Rassip and Kasey Joy. Credit: Michael Philipps
Riley Bywaters and Taj Kumz.
Camera IconRiley Bywaters and Taj Kumz. Credit: Michael Philipps
Wyatt Kitto and Kyralee Collins.
Camera IconWyatt Kitto and Kyralee Collins. Credit: Michael Philipps
Raven-Sage Dunn and Corey Brady.
Camera IconRaven-Sage Dunn and Corey Brady. Credit: Michael Philipps
Joshua Snibson and Shenae Henderson.
Camera IconJoshua Snibson and Shenae Henderson. Credit: Michael Philipps
Olivia Ferriday and Jordan Corbett.
Camera IconOlivia Ferriday and Jordan Corbett. Credit: Michael Philipps
Jenna Beattie and Jamie Whittle.
Camera IconJenna Beattie and Jamie Whittle. Credit: Michael Philipps

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