Illegal use of Collie’s Lake Kepwari to be targeted

South Western Times
Lake Kepwari
Camera IconLake Kepwari

Collie police will crackdown on the illegal recreational use of Lake Kepwari following a recent accidented which resulted in a teenager almost being paralysed.

Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar said police had been in talks with Premier Coal to get access to the lake but the latest accident had sped up proceedings.

“We’ve been given a key to a locked gate and will be able to respond to calls straight away when we are told there are people using the lake,” he said.

“It is a privately owned area and it is trespassing.

“We will issue move on notices and if people don’t want to move on we will charge them.”

The lake is part of an active mine site.

No one has permission to be on the lake or camp near it.

“There has been issues with rubbish being left near the lake as well as tracks being barged through the surrounding areas in order to access the lake,” Sen. Sgt Soutar said.

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