Mayoral candidates have their say

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The fight for Bunbury’s top job is underway as seven candidates strive to be the city’s next Mayor.

Kate Fielding asked each of the Mayoral candidates ‘why should Bunbury vote for you?’.

Here are their responses, in the order they appear on the ballot.

Ross Slater

Ross Slater
Camera IconRoss Slater

As Mayor, I will initiate an ‘Open Door’ policy providing direct and personal access for Bunbury's citizens.

Bunbury's seven waters afford the city huge untapped potential that can be realised with leadership, initiative, vision, courage and direction.

My intention as Mayor will be to foster these qualities within local government and ensure that community consultation is elevated to the standard demanded.

My objectives will be to restrict rate increases to CPI, address numerous community concerns from corellas to antisocial behaviour and lead a council motivated by service.

A vote for me is not what I can do, it is what we can do together.

Jason Shaw

Jason Shaw
Camera IconJason Shaw

I am 34-years-old and I do not come from a public service background.

I have commercial experience and aptitude that can genuinely create a positive impact on the local economy.

I have an active young family that gives me real firsthand experience on the local issues that affect them. A vote for Jason Shaw is an investment in your kids’ and grandkids’ future.

The vision for Bunbury has been too short-sighted and static for too long.

If you vote the same old way you will get the same old result, but if you want real results and want a proactive not reactive leadership team vote Jason Shaw for Bunbury Mayor.

My focus is integrity, character, leadership, youth, success.

Gary Brennan

Gary Brennan
Camera IconGary Brennan Credit: Daniel Wilkins / The Sunday Times

Being Mayor is a complex, demanding role requiring strong leadership, extensive knowledge and experience, sound communication, negotiating skills and a deep understanding of and empathy for our entire community.

I believe I have demonstrated those attributes over the past four years.

I am passionate and very proud of our city. We are experiencing a period in Bunbury’s history which is exciting and presents great opportunities.

The community knows me to be an engaging community leader and a consistent decision maker on matters that benefit the whole community.

The community also knows I have demonstrated experience, leadership and a record of achievement.

Michelle Steck

Michelle Steck
Camera IconMichelle Steck

For 14 years I have served as a councillor and have the experience and energy to dedicate myself to the community as Mayor.

I have a proven track record in open accountable governance and believe it is paramount to community trust.

I will lobby strongly for Bunbury to be in the top three projects to fund the fast train from the $20 billion Federal Government “faster rail prospectus”.

I will not tax sports in our community – sports are integral to the health and pride of our community.

With my leadership Bunbury will truly emerge as a destination city for jobs, innovation, tourism, enjoying waterways, arts, education and sensible development.

Brendan Kelly

Brendan Kelly
Camera IconBrendan Kelly

As Mayor of Bunbury I will be committed to promoting Bunbury first. I see Bunbury as a city with a strong and diverse economy, in a well-cared for natural environment, offering the local community and visitors a safe, friendly, vibrant lifestyle.

I will bring experience, knowledge and skills to the role of Mayor, attracting investment, boosting business and promoting community prosperity.

I am committed to opening up the Outer Harbour to the public, activating the Bunbury Public Open Space Strategy and supporting the upgrade of Bunbury sporting and cultural facilities.

I promise dynamic leadership and renewed vibrancy for Bunbury.

Zyggi Uchwal

Zyggi Uchwal
Camera IconZyggi Uchwal

Tourism has under-appreciated assets in the city – develop them, make our city great.

Make it a place everybody puts on their ‘must go’ list. I am against rate rises for not-for-profit organisations, sport clubs and citizens. Make council more financially responsible.

State Government to extend the Mandurah railway to Bunbury has my support along with initiating tree planting, construction of ocean pools, improve public transport within the city and increase community consultations.

Building a destination park – world standard skate ring suitable for international competitions – will create a magnet for visitors to our city.

I have a dream of our city becoming great.

Betty McCleary

Betty McCleary
Camera IconBetty McCleary

As your Mayor my prime concern will be to ensure responsible transparent governance, fiscal control and to champion sustainable, innovative development. Consolidating and completing current projects will be a priority.

My business experience, dynamic personality, team player and empathetic leadership qualities coupled with abundant energy and passion will provide a much needed fresh impetus and balance that will ensure Bunbury effectively develops as a whole and prospers while meeting the goals and aspirations of its residents and ratepayers.

A personal attribute that will serve residents and ratepayers well is my apolitical stance.

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