Meet the candidates for Dardanup Shire Council

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With local election deadlines drawing closer, Michael Philipps asked the Shire of Dardanup candidates three questions:

1. Why are you running for council?

2. What experience do you bring to the role?

3. Why should people vote for you?

Here are their responses.

Annette Webster

Annette Webster
Camera IconAnnette Webster

1. I have lived, worked and volunteered, and run my own business, in the shire for the past 30 years. I am passionate about keeping the community strong.

2. I have a strong knowledge of the local shire demographic. I have worked closely with the elderly and those with special needs. I want to make sure their voices are heard.

3. Three generations of my family have been involved with the community. I would like to see fairer distribution around our country town. I feel I would represent the majority view rather than the minority.

Carmel Boyce

Carmel Boyce.
Camera IconCarmel Boyce.

1. I'm running for council again because there are still things I want to achieve. The development of the town centre, completion of a fenced off-lead dog exercise area, programs to engage youth, an environmental policy and planning for our new city of Wanju.

2. I have been involved in the community for the 25 years we have lived in Eaton. The experience gives me a network of people and an understanding of issues facing volunteers and businesses.

3. I'm enthusiastic, experienced and committed. As one of two women on council, I bring a different perspective to discussions.

Janice Dow

1. My focus is to see the whole of the Dardanup/Burekup community flourish and will work hard to listen to concerns, research options, help find solutions and ultimately make decisions I believe will benefit the whole community. It is important that all council business be conducted with transparency, accountability, and integrity.

2. I have a lot to offer by way of life experience and becoming a councillor is my opportunity to contribute to the community.

3. By listening to people I will represent those views on council to influence the long term vision and direction for your community.

Ken Lowth

Ken Lowth
Camera IconKen Lowth

1. I would also like to ensure the council continues to make sound financial decisions, operates in an efficient manner and in the best interests of the entire community.

2. I have been a full-time employee for 34 years in local governments across the State, including the Shires of Dardanup, Capel, Broome and the City of Bunbury.

3. I am committed to making time to go out into the community and meet with electors. I am retired and not in business therefore, I have the time to attend to council matters and make unbiased and uninfluenced decisions.

Phillip Downes

Phillip Downes.
Camera IconPhillip Downes.

1. I have always had an interest in council process and now have the time and energy to support the future planning and development of public open spaces, sport and recreation facilities, fire services and town planning.

2. I have worked in banking and the power industry and have knowledge of planning and budgeting. I have served on Eaton sport committees and with the Eaton Australind Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service for 20 years.

3. I appreciate council process and those serving the community. I want to see improvements to facilities within the shire and add support to fire services in the region.

Mick Bennett

Mick Bennett.
Camera IconMick Bennett.

1. Having been on council for a number of years and president for 16 years I have plans for the future of the shire that will come to fruition over the next four years and would like to see them finalised.

2. Having been on council since 1991 with a break of four years I have the experience and the know how to get things done, with much more to do.

3. I would like voters to consider me because as a strong and visionary leader over the last six years, our council has shown what can be achieved by working together making us a strong and stable council with a fantastic future.

Greg Homer

1. As a member of the Dardanup Shire Council I would have an excellent opportunity to support and contribute to this fantastic community.

2. Since 2011 my father and I have owned and operated the Waterloo Village Caravan Park. We are responsible for services such as water, electricity, waste management and safety. I also lecture and coach globally on safety leadership in high risk work environments.

3. I bring energy and enthusiasm to everything I do. I am a positive person, a problem solver and I have a passion for working with people from all generations.

Luke Davies

Luke Davies
Camera IconLuke Davies Credit: Jon Gellweiler

1. I am re-nominating because there is still lots to learn. I am excited about the future of Dardanup shire. I want to be a part of the new area Wanju, and to also see the new bridge from Millbridge to Treendale.

2. Youth is what experience I bring. I am always there to listen learn and be a part of a great team. I am a great listener who will always listen to each and everyone’s personal views.

3. I am young and I think having youth in the mix gives a great blend of skills in the council. Passionate about our awesome shire. I am ready to serve the ratepayers.

Tyrrell Gardiner

Tyrrell Gardiner.
Camera IconTyrrell Gardiner.

1. I am seeking re-election to continue to be a part of the decision making process that will give our shire the appropriate growth and lifestyle we have come to enjoy.

2. A background working self employed locally and interstate gives insight, and after a steep four year learning curve as a councillor I can give the necessary experience to the position and the related tasks.

3. As a candidate I would like to be the voters’ choice because I take the position of councillor seriously. I am ready to continue to represent the various needs of our ratepayers and residents into the future.

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