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Emily AceSouth Western Times

Simply explained as Magic Mike – if Magic Mike actually had magic, The Naked Magicians promise a triple-threat show – complete with comedy, mystifying tricks and a little bit of naughtiness.

After one half of the two-man act Mike Tyler, became the punchline of many Magic Mike jokes following the film’s release in 2014, it sparked the beginning of an idea.

Together with his best friend Christopher Wayne, the pair set out to venture where magic had never ventured before.

“Magic is the second oldest profession in history, no one had ever made a naughty magic show which seemed like a really basic concept in hindsight,” Wayne said.

“We knew we had to try it.”

Since then, the boys from Brisbane have travelled to more than 200 cities around the world to become one of the biggest touring magic shows on the planet.

“We spent a year writing and designing a show that we wanted to be the naughtiest, funniest magic show on the planet – that was our goal from day one,” Wayne said.

“We launched it on February 14 – Valentines Day 2014, and we have just taken our first holiday now.

“It has changed our lives completely and it all started here in Brisbane.”

Wayne said people often thought the “naked” part of the show was a gimmick, but promised it was the real deal.

“We literally had to redesign the way that the tricks we did worked because magicians do rely on their clothes,” he said.

“By the end of the show, we really are on stage completely naked and have to do magic that way. “It’s very, very tricky but magic was Mike’s first love and I have been doing it since I was eight years old.

“We came up with a saying that good magicians don’t need sleeves, and great magicians don’t need pants.”

Wayne said the nakedness was not a distraction from the talent displayed on stage and promised awe-inspiring material.

“We don’t get naked because we don’t know how to do magic, the stuff you are going to see in the show really is jaw-dropping stuff,” he said.

“When you see a magic trick, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it makes you feel something really good inside.

“All I have ever wanted to do was entertain people and it’s always been magic and comedy for me.

“This show is a platform to entertain people now on a scale that I had never really anticipated and I am so thankful.”

The Naked Magicians will perform at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre on January 31, with tickets available at www.bunburyentertainment.com.

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