Special rural rates facing big increase

Emily AceSouth Western Times

Capel Shire Council was expected to vote for an overall rate rise of 10 per cent at Wednesday night’s council meeting – with special rural residents facing an average increase of 20 per cent.

However, council officers have recommended reductions in rates-related charges to cushion the proposed rate hikes, according to chief executive officer Paul Sheedy.

He said most residential properties in the shire would pay an average of between 2.7 per cent and 6 per cent more in rates and charges.

Dalyellup residents would have an average increase of 2.7 per cent to 3.9 per cent, while other residential areas would range from 2.3 per cent to 4.55 per cent.

Mr Sheedy said the average 20 per cent increase on special rural properties – with some properties attracting up to a 28 per cent increase – was to bring them into line with other residential areas.

“In Gelorup there are a couple of areas where we have people on one side of the road paying the higher residential rate and people on the opposite side getting the lesser special rural rate,” he said.

“What we are saying is they are essentially now residential – they are larger blocks – but they are rural residential properties and therefore we are looking to go to a single rate in the dollar and bring them up so all residential properties have the same rate in the dollar.

“In 2007 they were dropped down to a lower rate, so it just means they have a larger jump.”

Commercial and industrial property owners will face an average increase of 2.38 per cent to 6 per cent, depending on their waste levy charges, and rural properties will get an average increase of 10 per cent.

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