Students all set for biggest test

Emily AceSouth Western Times

Year 12 students across the South West will be making final study preparations as the 2018 Western Australian Certificate of Education ATAR exam period is set to officially begin on October 29.

Colin Casella from Kip McGrath Bunbury has tutored students for 22 years and said the key to success was preparation.

“My advice is the same as it would be if I was coaching the West Coast Eagles or any sporting team,” he said.

“It is all about preparing before hand and making sure everything is in place, so that when the time comes, you are ready for it.”

Mr Casella advised students not to put time into areas they were confident in and to instead work on the topics they were not strong in.

“Keep working on those right through to the deadline – don’t give up on it, because those last weeks are fundamental,” he said.

“That could be those one or two marks that you need to get through the exam.”

He said he had seen students give up under the stress of the exam period, but believed they would have passed if they had tried their best.

“It is all about trying and putting the effort in and learning from that whole experience,” he said.

“Work right through, do your best and be proud of the effort you put in.”

It was important to keep things in perspective and maintain balance.

“It is their first big serious exam, but if they can keep an open mind ... there are going to be other opportunities regardless of what happens in the exams,” he said.

“You have to still do the other things in your life that are important, that means sleep properly, exercise and eat properly.”

Mr Casella said students should read through the whole exam paper before starting and answer questions they could do well first to build confidence.

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