WA iSports celebrate opening of new clubroom

Emily AceSouth Western Times

WA iSports will celebrate the opening of its Bunbury clubroom as the construction is completed at Payne Park on Saturday at 3pm.

The fun will begin at midday, as guests are invited to try bocce, beginner’s golf, cricket and Zumba, while enjoying a sausage sizzle, ice-cream and coffee vans.

WA iSports chairwoman Allison Burnett said the generosity of the community in getting the clubroom up and running was “unbelievable”.

“The generosity of the community to come together and Dreambuilders Church, who is project managing it, has done the whole thing so it is minimum work for us,” she said.

“But the number of of and businesses that have contributed to make this all come to fruition is unbelievable.”

Ms Burnett said the facility would now give its athletes a “sense of place and belonging”.

“It has been fantastic as far as community organisations allowing us to use their premises, but we would go from one place for a meeting, to another place to have a rehearsal, to another place to play bocce, without having a sense of home,” she said.

“Just the excitement and joy you get to see on the athletes faces because they feel that it is a home, they are part of a family and a part of our community – this gives them a base, so they are very excited and are already planning all sorts of event and celebrations from here.”

Ms Burnett said the clubroom would become a community hub where athletes could learn independent living skills as well as access to sporting opportunities.

“We are wanting people to be more aware that we cater for everyone,” she said.

“We are really expanding and diversifying to cater for what our members want to do.”

Dreambuilders Church community engagement officer Kris Plumb, who was the project manager of the build, said the church matched well with WA iSports as their visions for an inclusive community were closely aligned.

“iSports is all about making sure people have the opportunity to find community in their organisation, no matter what your disability is,” he said.

“It aligned so much with Dreambuilder Church in that we don’t look at what people believe so much as the need for people to belong.”

Mr Plumb said he was blown away by the support of the City of Bunbury and local business, big and small.

“The cranes and trucks were all here on Saturday and no one was charging us a cent,” he said.

“All the steel was discounted, the containers themselves were donated, Jason Windows, who were already an iSports supporter, gave us all the windows.

“It just shows how many generous businesses there are in Bunbury.”

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