Good eggs needed to prevent blood shortage this Easter

Zach RelphSouth Western Times

While many will be giving chocolate eggs during Easter, the Red Cross Bunbury Donor Centre is prompting more people to give blood during the holiday period.

The centre requires up to 50 new donors to cater for the South West’s demand for blood and plasma after the Easter long weekend.

Although centre manager Sue McKenzie said the need for blood was ongoing, she urged people to sign-up and give blood prior to the Easter holiday.

“We need new donors. We really need to have some new donors join the centre and make it a regular habit,” Ms McKenzie said.

“The need for blood and plasma never stops.

“The days that we are open during Easter we need to over-collect.”

The centre requires donors to give blood between April 10 and April 21 to increase blood supplies for patients in need.

Red Cross Blood Service spokeswoman Jessica Willet said it was important to collect blood before and post Easter because it was difficult to maintain blood supply during holiday periods.

“Around Easter many regular blood donors are away, which means blood supplies can dip if we don’t have enough good eggs to fill the gap,” Ms Willet said.

“One blood product, platelets, only lasts for five days – not much longer than a hot cross bun – so we need a constant supply.

“One in three people will need blood in their lifetime, yet currently only one in 30 donates.

“Your lifesaving donation could help someone spend another holiday with family and friends, and all it costs is an hour of time.”

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