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Wil Massara
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At the age of just 15, Wil Massara is well and truly owning his youth.

With an impressive list of achievements already to his name, the Collie Senior High School student’s ambitions are set to take him sky high – quite literally.

Wil’s latest achievement sees him as a finalist in the WA Youth Awards in the Community Leadership Award category.

“When I found out I was a finalist I was shocked, I didn’t even know I was nominated until I received the email,” Wil said.

“I feel like I am starting to reach my goals of having an impact on youth younger than me and also older than me.”

The Year 10 student puts his nomination down to a number of reasons as he bids to not only inspire the younger generation, but help his home town overcome its economic struggles – proving Wil is mature beyond his years.

“I believe the biggest contributing factor for my nomination was my commitment to the Magic Moments Foundation and more specifically their Youth Leadership and Business Summit,” Wil said.

The not-for-profit organisation brings together volunteers with its goal to help people who might be “forgotten in society” and also supports youth in becoming contributing members of their communities.

“I was sponsored in 2016 by the Collie Bendigo Bank to attend this annual event in Sydney, when I returned I was filled with enthusiasm to make an impact on myself and those around me,” he said.

Wil took the first step to helping his community in 2016 when he became a member of the Collie Youth Advisory Committee.

This was followed with a nomination as a student councillor before he was then approached by the Magic Moments Foundation this year and Wil’s life appears to spiral into a productive whirlwind of achievements.

The foundation asked him to join the Youth Projects Committee, which was formed to keep the momentum of the summit he had attended, before he was then asked to complete a six-week grant writing course on behalf of the summit.

In April this year, Wil received a call asking him to be involved in Operation Next Gen – a two-year program involving 16 ambassadors (primarily business owners) who all want to see Collie boom.

“ONG is focusing on finding a new economy as the coal industry is slowly vanishing,” Wil said.

Then in June, he was instrumental in getting Telstra to sponsor two youths to attend the next Magic Moments summit valued at $3400.

“My primary goals are for youth to be inspired to be that person who makes a difference, to help youth of today know how important they are and how much society is depending on them for our future and to help others around me discover their purpose,” Wil said.

While it is hard to imagine Wil has much spare time, he also established his own aviation website in 2014 called Planeapidea which fulfils his love for planes.

“When I was 10, I knew I wanted to be a pilot,” Wil said.

His career path has slightly changed since, but only slightly, with Wil saying he wants to be a pilot “on the side” and be involved in business.

It is a stark contrast to an earlier ambition to be a chef because he “liked food”, but Wil laughs that he still likes food.

As Wil waits to find out the outcome of the WA Youth Awards, his plans are already in sight whether he wins or not.

“I think my next step is to keep contributing to our phenomenal country and encourage more young people to get on board,” Wil said.

“But I would also be promoting how Collie has really set me in line and how Collie put me on this path.”

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